Suggested links

Below are some web links you might find useful. - A glossary of photographic terms, not always well written but informative

++++ – Adobe Lightroom (links to buy, to download trial version and to tutorials and help pages – Lightroom 3 will be released soon so you may wish to wait if you are planning to buy it) – Online Lightroom 2 reference guide – Great book on Lightroom 2 – Remember Lightroom 3 will be released soon so this book will probably be updated soon also) - Online academic discount store for software

+++++ - Photo store, not always the cheapest but open on Saturday (The big electronics stores B&H & Adorama are closed Saturday.  Also does rentals and sensor cleaning) - Electronics store, huge photo department - Electronics store, mostly camera gear

+++++ - printing service - professional processing/printing lab - professional processing/printing lab

CRC (west 22nd street, next to Calumet – no website)  - professional processing/printing lab

+++++ - The Guardian UK newspaper camera club, monthly assignments, portfolio reviews and competitions - Online photographers community and forum, lots of pointless internet arguments but also lots of worthwhile discussions and many serious professionals are members  - Online magazine and community hosted by Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey - Online home of one of the best photography publications available - NY Times photography blog - Links to lots more popular photography related blogs and websites