Monday, May 3, 2010

Nikon's f/1.8 35mm lens

I just picked this lens up today from B&H Photo (which you have to visit if you haven't already, just for the experience). It's super cheap and loads of fun to play with. Working with a prime, I completely forgot what a zoom lens and started moving all around the room and crawling on the floor snapping pictures and enjoying that nice big aperture (the kit zoom lens you get with the Nikon D90 is f/5 at 35mm; this lens lets in almost 8x as much light!). I won't inflict any photos of Gus the 16lb cat on you guys, but here's a nice depth-of-field shot I took in the apartment I was visiting tonight.


  1. Fantastic stuff. Indeed a great lens for a great price. Making use of fixed focal lengths and large apertures on fast prime lenses like this one will change the way you photograph, especially if you've only used zoom lenses before.

  2. Nice shot. Tells a story. I'm wondering what is about to happen in the apartment. Despite the backlight from the windows the flower stands out clearly. Beautiful room.

  3. Hi Will - not much action at the apartment, actually. My mother-in-law is a writer and is staying there for a week to, well, write, and I brought my camera along when my wife and I went to visit. It's a really comfy place on the upper east side owned by some friends of the family. What I like about the photograph is that about four different levels of focus are all evident as you go from the flower to the couch to the window to the skyline.